Low Carbs | No Sugar

We are the number one choice for sugarless chocolates that also taste great. We at Lanouba are considered the pioneer in this field. Everyone of our range, whether it is our delicious wafers, marshmallows, waffles or stevia bars, tastes superb while also helping you improve your overall health. Our low carbs , no sugar chocolates will help you stick to your weight loss diet plans while experiencing amazing results.

The world over there has been increasing evidence pouring in for the efficacy of a low carbohydrates, sugarless diet. There has been increasing evidence that sticking to this kind of a diet plan helps in achieving weight loss goals. Most of the popular diet loss programs are based on this kind of a diet plan. We at Lanouba, understand your diet needs and have come out with a wide range of sugarless chocolates that while tasting just as sweet, are also great health boosters. Thousands of people around the world stand testimony to the effectiveness of our low carbs, no sugar chocolates.

We make our chocolates using maltitol, a magical sweetener, which while being as sweet, if not more, sweet as refined sugar is a completely natural and does your health a world of good. Available in the form of a powder or syrup, maltitol is what makes our chocolates taste so wonderful and also makes them such a healthy option.

So, if you are someone who cannot stop his or her chocolate cravings ,but is also worried about your health, then we at Lanouba have the perfect solution for you. Our low carbohydrates, no sugar chocolates will while pampering your taste buds, also take good care of your health. We will help you stick to your low carbs, no sugar diet plan and achieve your weight loss goals with ease. Contact us today to find out more about chocolates.

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